Episode 2.1 - Quick Wits with Uncle Norman!

Welcome to Season 2 of the Borchelli Brothers Podcast! On this episode we have a fierce battle of wits! Uncle Norman takes the reigns to host our new game show "Quick Wits!". Who will win the epic and hilarious showdown and take home the grand prize?! Tune in to find out!


Nun Soup? - Eric Newby & Samson Burke

Borchelli Bros - Mike Borchelli & Sean Borchelli

Who Are Three People Who Have Never Been in My Kitchen -  Craig Martell & Garrett Kruger

This episode was sponsored by:

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Special Thanks to Paul Arnusch for composing the Quick WIts theme song!

And Special Thanks to our wonderful sound engineer Nick Borchelli!

Episode 1.9 - Christmas Magic with Cedar, Cypress and Dani Duh Bones

Cypress (left) & Cedar (right)

Cypress (left) & Cedar (right)

Dani Duh Bones

Dani Duh Bones

Here it is! Our first Christmas episode. This episode comes in two parts:

1 - Cedar & Cypress ask us some tough Christmas questions. With all of our research we have done into magic and science, we tell them the 'truth' about Santa Claus.

2 - Dani Duh Bones joins us for the first time! We discuss the pagan origins of Christmas and what the Christmas tradition is in Dani's homeland--Ireland.

Dani speaks about his awesome dad who is an Irish folk rock musician. Here is a link to his page.

Episode 1.8 - The Full Borchelli

You can't get any more Borchelli than this. Today's guest is Jeff Borchelli, our mysterious fourth brother who we've only mentioned in the past. On this episode we talk about theoretical future technology and the steps we need to take to move into the space age.  Jeff is our much smarter brother who frequently writes us emails listing all the mistakes we make on our podcasts. But hey! We're just talking here! We can't all be rocket scientists.

Episode 1.7 - Myths & Legends 2 with Jason Colvin

The next Myths and Legends Episode! We recorded this a while ago. Mike was away but I figured I'd get a guest anyway. I found the perfect guest-- Jason Colvin. So we pre-recorded his story and added a unique Mike and Sean intro discussing mythological weapons (mainly because Mike said he would be  sad if he wasn't a part of the episode). It's all awesome. Enjoy.