Episode 2.1 - Quick Wits with Uncle Norman!

Welcome to Season 2 of the Borchelli Brothers Podcast! On this episode we have a fierce battle of wits! Uncle Norman takes the reigns to host our new game show "Quick Wits!". Who will win the epic and hilarious showdown and take home the grand prize?! Tune in to find out!


Nun Soup? - Eric Newby & Samson Burke

Borchelli Bros - Mike Borchelli & Sean Borchelli

Who Are Three People Who Have Never Been in My Kitchen -  Craig Martell & Garrett Kruger

This episode was sponsored by:

Steam Whistle Beer!

Uncle Norman's Moustache Tamer!

Daravara Pub!

The Empress Ale House!

Special Thanks to Paul Arnusch for composing the Quick WIts theme song!

And Special Thanks to our wonderful sound engineer Nick Borchelli!