Episode 2.6 - The Lost Season Finale! Myths & Legends: Lost Mythical Places


This episode is so good, it should have come out months ago! Whoops! The wonderful Clarice Eckford joins us for our epic Season 2 finale! On this episode we take you away to several mythical places lost to the sands of time and attempt to determine where those places might actually be found today! From Camelot to Kunlun, this one is a wild ride!

Thank you for listening! We'll see you all in Season 3!

Episode 2.4 - The Full Borchelli - UFOs and the Secret Space Soap Opera

The Full Borchelli gathers once again to discuss the UFO phenomenon as well as the epic secret war that goes on all around (and above) us every day! On this episode we review several UFO case files and Jeff Borchelli helps us find the truth! Are we alone? Are they here? Find out! Take a listen!



Special thanks to Nick Borchelli for composing the music behind Mike Borchelli's UFO encounter stories.

Episode 2.2 - Myths & Legends 3/Christmas Special? with Jaime Fjeldsted


DISCLAIMER: Many of the stories in this episode contain very graphic content. 

Welcome to our third Myths & Legends episode! Its also kind of a Christmas episode? This time we are joined by our good friend, Jaime Fjeldsted! She comes to us with stories of Icelandic folklore! Sean Borchelli also disturbs and dazzles us with his stories of strange and gruesome burial practices from history and even some that still take place today. BUT FIRST! Mike Borchelli stumbles through his unprepared ramblings about Tom Cruise and Japanese urban myths! 

Show Links:

Tom Cruise Running Backwards:

Tibetan Sky Burial (VERY GRAPHIC! ...SERIOUSLY):

Jaime brought some volcanic rock from Mount Hekla in Iceland

Jaime brought some volcanic rock from Mount Hekla in Iceland

Cheeksqueek from Yokai Watch

Cheeksqueek from Yokai Watch

Episode 1.9 - Christmas Magic with Cedar, Cypress and Dani Duh Bones

Cypress (left) & Cedar (right)

Cypress (left) & Cedar (right)

Dani Duh Bones

Dani Duh Bones

Here it is! Our first Christmas episode. This episode comes in two parts:

1 - Cedar & Cypress ask us some tough Christmas questions. With all of our research we have done into magic and science, we tell them the 'truth' about Santa Claus.

2 - Dani Duh Bones joins us for the first time! We discuss the pagan origins of Christmas and what the Christmas tradition is in Dani's homeland--Ireland.

Dani speaks about his awesome dad who is an Irish folk rock musician. Here is a link to his page.

Episode 1.7 - Myths & Legends 2 with Jason Colvin

The next Myths and Legends Episode! We recorded this a while ago. Mike was away but I figured I'd get a guest anyway. I found the perfect guest-- Jason Colvin. So we pre-recorded his story and added a unique Mike and Sean intro discussing mythological weapons (mainly because Mike said he would be  sad if he wasn't a part of the episode). It's all awesome. Enjoy.

Episode 1.3 - Our First Myths & Legends Episode with Paul the Neighbour

So here is our first Myths & Legends Episode. this one's a little longer. We will be having various guests on for this show topic over our season. We want it to be a pretty open subject, so we could talk about ancient myths, urban myths, myth busting, cryptozoology, how much money Sean can fit in his over-sized nostrils, or movies that are produced by Legendary pictures. Wherever the shoe fits. Our first episode features our enigmatic neighbour, Paul, who always has a great story to tell. Pick a subject and he will know something about it.  it's weird. a conversation with Paul can sometimes be like walking through a Salvador Dali painting... you'll feel all melty and shit.