Episode 1.TWELVE - Canada Day + Omar Mouallem Talks Street Meat

On this episode we chat a bit about Canada! Canada is our home and native land! Sean tells us some fun facts and we discuss some of the more recent global news events that have shaken up the system a bit. We also got a chance to sit down with award-winning writer and journalist Omar Mouallem (The Yards, Rolling Stone, Vice, Wired, The Walrus) to talk about street meat! From the perfect donair to street food around the globe and how to properly pronounce "gyro", we talk about it all! Take a listen and get as hungry as we did talking about it! 

Obama Speech to Parliament

Omar Mouallem Wiki
Omar Mouallem Website

Our Donair Picks:
Omar Mouallem - Swiss Donair
Sean Borchelli - World's Finest Donair
Mike Borchelli - Roadrunner Pizza (Whytre Ave location)
Honourable Mention - Arabian Middle Eastern Cuisine

Episode 1.TEN - "If You Build It, They Won't Come"

Photo by Janis Galloway

Photo by Janis Galloway

Janis Galloway of Publicity Room stops by the studio to explain to us what a public relations company does and why people like us need people like her! She also gave us our public relations report card! Find out how we did! We also introduce a couple of new segments we hope to have more of on the show! Mike introduces his new project, Aside Cast, and Sean ..well ...Sean gets something that's been bothering him off of his chest.