Episode 2.5 - Stephen Notley and 25 Years of Bob the Angry Flower

 An episode so good you'll slap your mama! Stephen Notley is celebrating 25 years of his creation, Bob the Angry Flower, a bizarre and wonderful comic strip character who has been described as "your id with an unlimited budget". Steve takes the time to have an in depth talk with us all about how he got started with the character and how Bob has developed over the last 25 years. He also talks to us about the 25th anniversary panel he hosted this week at San Diego Comic Con!
We also got a chance to play a round of Book of Questions with Stephen, where in we ask the question: If you had an envelope with a letter inside that told you exactly when you were going to die ...would you open it?

A really interesting cartoonist and a great comic strip, we sure hope Bob the Angry Flower can stick around for many more years to come! Take a listen and don't forget to check out Bob the Angry Flower's weekly run in the back of VUE Magazine!

You can also check out Stephen's work and purchase his new book of collected Bob comics titled "Bob the Angry Flower X" at his website: